Wicked Lovely


Angelic Pretty: Letter Regimental (in any colorway, especially black).

Angelic Pretty: Moon Night Theater JSK I or II (red or black)

Alice and the Pirates: Kuragehime Striped JSK

Alice and the Pirates: Lock the Pandora's Memories OP (in white)

Alice and the Pirates: Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Islands

Moi Meme Moitie: Silent Moon (white x gold, white x silver, white x black, black x gold)
Wicked Lovely


At long last! The last day of my sweets fast is tomorrow! I did eat sweets on my birthday and on a birthday party the day after so I don't know if I can count this as a complete victory despite the extra days tacked onto the end to cover for those stray days. Evenso, I don't feel bad about it. Come on, midnight!
Wicked Lovely

What day is this?

I don't know but I haven't touched a single sweet since day one. I did have that Aloha Pineapple smoothie from Jamba juice which was absolutely delicious as I sipped on it's frozen goodness beneath the blazing Texas sun. I found out shortly after ordering that it contained Pineapple sherbet. . .that doesn't count, does it? I mean, smoothies = healthiness.

So tomorrow is my "Unfortunate Day" aka my birthday. I call it my unfortunate day because it will be a day ill spent beyond a shadow of a doubt. All but one member of my family is currently in another state, the one member who is in Texas will without fail be unreachable. Did I mention I live in a city where I know no people. Yes, I'm throwing myself a mini pity party here, but I'm not going to feel guilty about it because I feel I am entitled to at least one pity party per year. . . . .and now my annual pity party has drawn to a close.

I won't be held down for long! Tomorrow I am going to stray from my diet to enjoy some well earned sweets, I think I deserve it to offset the misery of my Unfortunate Day. Of course, since I'll be breaking my sans sweet diet I will make up for it with a few extra days tagged onto the end. I also took the liberty of ordering myself an Unfortunate Day present from *gasp* BtssB! That's right, I 'm going to splurge on myself as well. Well enough with this poorly written entry. My last day at this glorious age is beginning to draw it's last choking breath. Oh cruel age - I hate you.
Wicked Lovely

Is this day five? Renaissance Fair!

I wish it were day 30 already! No, no, I refuse to heed the calling of the candy bowl! Changing topic!

Sooooo~ I'm so excited for the Renaissance Festival! I have never once been and it hadn't even occurred to me that a Renaissance fair could be of any interest until a lovely coworker of mine mentioned that it might be right up my alley. I know she got the time periods wrong (after seeing a btssb jsk that I adore), but I'm still up for swishing skirts, men in tights, pied pipers, castles, knights, and huge turkey legs!

Now for my new dilemma. I want to dress up! I want to dress up as an archer or perhaps a hunter and I need a nice bodice. I'm not sure what color I want but I'm sure I'll know and love it when I see it. Not sure if I'll love the price, but that should be an entirely different topic. Also, I need a pair of knee-high boots. Oh the planning! The planning! The planning is often the best part! Can't wait! Absolutely can't wait! Hurry and come October!
Wicked Lovely

Day three! No candy and a broken heart.

I managed to withstand the calling of the candy bowl on the counter. It was hard, but I've emerged victorious. . .with the help of some frozen yogurt. It's hard to quit cold turkey, folks, but I'm slowly scraping my way up the ladder to a healthier lifestyle! Yay! *clapclapclapclap*

Well my heart is broken. The beautiful Night Fairy Fantasia print that I am so madly in love with is SOLD OUT! I'm still holding on to the shred of hope that there may be some left in stores, but as of this very moment in time my hopes are dashed like the sea upon the shore. Oh cruel limited quantities! Oh print! Oh print, oh where have you fled? Did I tarry too long while others bought every thread? Did you sell out of the webstore skirt, dress, and pants? How I wish I'd reserved you when I had the chance.

See that? That was a bit of potterpuppetpals inspired poetry for ya. If you haven't seen "Snape's Diary" go watch it. Now. Back to my mourning.
Wicked Lovely

Day one of my sweets fast. . .end

Well as day one of my sans sweet diet draws to and end I realize that this may actually be difficult for me. I managed to turn up my nose at the candy bowl on the kitchen counter today only by snacking on some frozen yogurt I'd picked up before coming home. Speaking of which - those little orange juice and strawberry juice balls that you can get as toppings - I was leery at first because they looked like large fish eggs, but they were actually pretty tasty. On to day two. . .
Wicked Lovely

Day one of my sweets fast. . .

It's day one. That big bowl of chocolate doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm not tempted by the rich, sweet aroma or the smooth delicious texture. No sir, not I!

On a separate note,  I am tempted to go on a crazy loli splurge! Since I lean more toward sweet, does that mean I will have to abstain? (^-~). I'm wondering about the quality of Anna House's pettis. I want a nice lovely poof that won't fall flat after a couple of days.
Panda Cherry

I'm on a sans sweet diet!

I've really been cramming my gob with sweets for these past several days, but that's all about to change. After an ominous warning that "it's all going to catch up (with me)" I've decided to embark on a month long journey of sweets abstinence. It's going to be difficult because I love sweets almost as much as Momoko does, but it's all for the best! Tomorrow is day one! I'm going to scarf down these cookies to prepare for the trek. Hehehe! (^///^)